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The Third Spur was conceived on a dorm room couch in a moment of desperation, just like you.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been let down by the media.

The sources that we used to run to for facts have become nothing more than cesspools of gossip and libel. It’s wrong, and you, the reader, deserve better. 

That’s why, in Fall 2014, we established The Third Spur. Born out of the sorrows that traditional news outlets have caused, The Third Spur delivers readers hard-hitting news with the utmost journalistic integrity.

We believe reading the news should make you feel alive. With each story you inject into the bloodstream of your daily life, you should feel as if you’ve peaked, and then slowly decline to the desolate plains reality once you close the tab. But there’s a cure for that decline: more news. As long as you have The Third Spur, nothing can hurt you. As long as you’ve still got stories to read, you’ll be flying high above it all. As each headline pierces your vein, we know you’ll come to understand our vision for better news. Nothing else really matters, besides the feeling you get when you’re on our website. Family, friends, love- forget about those. You have The Third Spur.
Welcome to USC’s Only News Worth Reading.

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