Male Celebrities Dress for #NotMe Campaign During 2018 Academy Awards

The 2018 awards season has proven to be quite rocky following the sexual assault allegations that have come out against many men in the movie industry. In response, male actors have established the #NotMe campaign, and dressed in a monochromatic palette during the 2018 Academy Awards based on the severity of the accusations levied against them. Members of the movement made it clear their intent was to “totally outdo” the #MeToo campaign, through which thousands of women have spoken out against sexual harassment and assault.

“Now let me explain it to you, sweetheart,” Russell Simmons, the creator of the #NotMe hashtag, was quoted in saying to a female reporter on the red carpet. “This may come as a surprise to you, but not all men are trying to harass women. Trust me, as an attractive man, I know that women love to be hit on. You females just like playing hard to get.”

“We just want to prove that not all men are the monsters that these hormone-enraged women say we are,” Gary Oldman explained. He wore a dark gray suit to this year’s Oscars, symbolizing his stained past. “Sure, I was accused of abuse once, but I’m a changed man. That’s why I’m not in white. I’m not abusing anyone right now, and I totally acknowledge that. I’m an ally!”

Tom Hanks was seen throughout the evening in a suit which radiated with a perfect, white glow.