Summer Intern Gains Valuable Experience Slacking On Job

University of South Carolina student Jared Reid, 20, has gained valuable experience with avoiding all forms of work while at his summer internship, sources report. Reid, a finance major, began working in the Accounting Department of Michelin Tires in May and almost immediately fit into a role in which he adds nothing of value to the company.

“The internship has been so great so far,” Reid told reporters while on his fourth bathroom break before lunch. “It’s a challenge of course, finding ways to make my manager think I’m busy, or hiding my phone during meetings, but these are the expectations in the real world.”

Coworkers have noted Reid’s proficiency in switching tabs from Facebook to Excel, already greatly improved from when he first started at Michelin.

“I’m glad to finally be able to take all the skills I’ve developed in school and transfer them to an actual workplace.”

Reid’s supervisor says he has been very impressed with the intern’s performance so far, calling him a “quick learner” who “definitely has a future here at Michelin.”