Book Review: A Tale of Two Cities

Before I begin, I thought I should make one thing very clear—I have totally read this book. And you know what else? I loved it. The way the author just makes everything come together is spectacular. My favorite character would have to be the protagonist. He/She was great. But don’t let me spoil it for you; you’re just going to have to see what happens in those chapters for yourself!

What is it about? What do you mean, “what is it about?” Of COURSE I know what this book is about; you just haven’t given me any time to explain the plot. And you know what, I shouldn’t even have to explain it. You should have read the book on your own. I know about the cities—both of them. And I’m not going to explain the plot any further, because I don’t want to give the whole book away. That wouldn’t be fair to you. There wasn’t even a spoiler alert, so at this point I don’t even think I’m legally allowed to tell you what happens.

Fine, don’t believe me. It’s a book review, not a book report. All I was supposed to do was tell you that I liked it—which I did. It was the best book I’ve read this year. Anyway, I hope this book review has been both informative and useful. Feel free to cite us on your next book report.