Third Spur’s Favorite ~Trendy~ Cocktail Recipes!

Hey Y’all!

Whether you are are trying to  escape the heat with a “cool” new drink, or to just get through the semester, we have got you covered! Here at the Third Spur, we know that you all want to be at the forefront of the best and most hip drinks, and we have got just what you need:

1. The Drywall

Now this one is a fun one! This gin-heavy cocktail is making its way across clubs in New York, and we think it’s about to be literally everywhere. This one tends to be a little more dry and bitter, with the Dry Vermouth lending the cocktail its name. But with hints of lemon and a lemon zest, this drink has a fruity finish. Whether your cocktail experience ranges from beginner to utter alcoholic, you will be sure to enjoy it. I will enjoy it one day when I don’t have mountains of homework every night!

2. The Sweet Retreat

Calling all my friends in the South! This one comes from an old, secret recipe from Appalachian Moonshiners! This cocktail recipe has recently been making its way throughout North and South Carolina, and our resident Sommelier at the Third Spur has discovered it. This one calls for one part muscadine moonshine and one part apple juice. Add in some muddled blackberries, and you have a delightful beverage! Be careful, though! These can be quite strong! Personally, I hope it is strong enough to numb my mind from the pain of being severely overworked by a university that takes tens of thousands of dollars from me every year and the subsequent sleep deprivation that stems from it!

3. Bonzo’s Montreux

Some of you may understand the niche reference to a Led Zeppelin song in the name of this cocktail! However, I have no clue in hell  about why it’s named that! What I do know is that this drink is comprised of blindly taking 4-5 alcoholic beverages from you fridge/ liquor cabinet and combining them all willy-nilly to make some abomination of a drink. The less thought that goes into this, the better. Personally, I have to do this every night so I can fall asleep before my personification-of-stress demon does unspeakable things to my psyche.

4. Vodka in a Water Bottle

Now you’re talking — a drink that never fails to make the voices quiet down! My personal favorite on the list! This one, is simple, timeless, incredibly worrisome, and devoid of all taste and emotion. If you’re like me, you’re looking for something to take the edge off. And that Busch Light Apple just won’t cut it. You need something hefty, and you need it fast. So pour that Tito’s right into that Hydroflask, and if you’re feeling ~spicy~ add in a little splash of Everclear! Your workload is comically unbearable and you just need one fucking minute to unwind. But alas, you’ll get nothing and you’ll like it! So next time you think about filling up your water bottle with water, try vodka and watch your troubles float away!

Thanks for joining us this week and we hope you enjoy our article next week, Using Drugs to Decompress!