Six Pick-Up Lines I Would Have Said To My Flight Attendant, If I Wasn’t A Coward

If you’re like a coward like me, then you know exactly what it’s like to wish you had been more vocal about your feelings and thoughts. Here are six pick-up lines I was thinking about saying to my attractive flight attendant, but didn’t (because I’m a wimp.)

  1. Your baggage has definitely been checked. By me. Man, this would have been so good. I should have said that.
  2. Thank goodness we are not flying on Virgin Airlines. And then I would have winked. If only I wasn’t a fool who isn’t brave enough to voice my feelings.
  3. Your eyes must be Malaysia because I’m getting lost in them. Get it? It’s airline humor. He would have eaten that shit right up.
  4. Fasten your seatbelts, this ride’s about to get bumpy. Okay, I’ll be honest, this one, maybe not as good. But still, if I had said that, I’d probably be in bed with my thicc flight attendant right now, instead of sitting here, being a fucking idiot by myself.
  5. Hey, can I see your cock(pit)? But I would, like, mumble “pit”. So it would just sound like “cock”. Dammit, that would have been so good!
  6. Pull out the life preserver ‘cause I’m soaking wet. Literally what could possibly have stopped me from saying that directly to him? Ugh.

If I wasn’t such a goddamn clown, I would have been brave enough to say what’s on my mind, it would have gone perfectly, and I would have a hot flight attendant husband right now. Ugh, guess it’ll have to wait until next time.