Top 5 Scariest Movies to Watch This Halloween

Have you ever wondered what the scariest movie ever is? Me neither. But now that I’ve asked, those gears in your brain are certainly turning, aren’t they? Well, we asked you, loyal readers, to tell us what the scariest movie was this year. Here are your top answers:

5. The New Jordan Peele Movie

Honestly forgot what it was called, but Steven Yeun was in it, right? I love Steven Yeun. I really liked that part in The Walking Dead where he turned into strawberry jelly. Haha. My friend Mark and I used strawberry jelly to dress up as zombies for Halloween like years ago, back when The Walking Dead was getting really big.

So yeah we got, like Smucker’s or something and we rubbed it all over our faces and arms and legs and clothes and then we went and asked Mark’s mom if she had any makeup we could use to make us look more dead. She said we already looked dead from all the sleep we didn’t get the night before(we had a pizza party sleepover and stayed up till like 4 am!).

So yeah Mark’s mom didn’t actually let us use her makeup because she said we would get the brushes all sticky since we had put the strawberry jelly on first and we should have run her through our plan. So anyways we went out trick-or-treating and Mark was like “I know a place where we can get full sized candy bars,” so naturally we went there because who doesn’t like full sized candy bars!

When we got to the place there was nobody there: I mean NOBODY, it was kind of insane. We went to like every house and got so much candy and I only got one healthy thing, it was so awesome. So anyways we went back to his neighborhood and were flaunting our giant candy bars and all the little kids were SO jealous. One parent asked us where we went and we told them the wrong neighborhood, which was such an epic prank honestly.

When we got back to Mark’s house we just sat around and ate Skittles for like four hours while we played COD. Pretty awesome night, to be honest.