Bitcoins, Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, Click Our Article!

Bitcoins, blockchains, cryptocurrencies! We have all the buzzwords right there in our title. What else do we need to do to get you to click on that link?!

Wait- if you’re reading this, you already clicked the link. Shit, we didn’t really prepare for that. Uh, okay, here we go.

So Bitcoins, right! Lots of people talking about those things. The first thing to know is that you can buy a lot of drugs and other cool illegal shit with them, which is probably why all those libertarians are so crazy about them. But, some people also got rich with this cyber money. Like REALLY rich. We heard that some rich guys traded a bitcoin for a huge mansion plus a Lambo’. Once we figure out where we put ours that we bought a while ago, we might try to do that.

They got something called blockchains on the Internet. Understanding those is super important to understanding the entire crypto-economy. Nobody here’s really sure what exactly they are, but we all love ‘em.

Anyway, you guys heard about Blunks yet? They’re this cool new cryptocurrency that we’re starting. Did you know you can just do that? Fire up your GTX 720 and mine away and cash out before that bubble bursts.