Armistice Recipes for the Last of Your Rations

Celebrate the end of the Great War by cooking up the best meals with the last of your rations! Make the most of what you’ve got with our handy guide. Winning the war means no sugar, only canned meat, little bread, and only perishable foods. Uncle Sam will surely repay us with a glorious bounty soon but with the last of our groceries, let’s cook up some grub.

Apple Crumb Cake

Take crumbs of bread left in your house, add apples, bake and serve!

Corned Beef Sandwiches

Uncan some beef and use lettuce instead of bread for your usual sandwich!

Corned Beef Salad

Uncan some beef and use lettuce and your favorite vegetables for your usual salad!

Corned Beef Soup

Uncan some beef and plop it into a bouillon cube broth!

An Egg in This Trying Time

Hardboil an egg and salt to taste with tears of remembrance!