Here are the Best Five Points Deals for Armistice Day

Remember, remember the 11th of November with these all American deals. The only thing greater than these prices is the war. Shots fired means shots taken down in Five Points.


$1 Alliance Absolut Vodka Shots

Cotton Gin

$2 Woodrow Wilson Whiskey

Group Therapy

$11.11 League of Nations Mixer (A drink made of 42 alcoholic beverages representing the founding members that includes rum, sake, vodka, and whiskey)


$1 Nationalism Nattys

Bird Dog

$3 Triple Alliance Triple Sec Cocktail

$1 Triple Entente Tequila Shots


$1 Franz Ferdinand Fireball Shots

Bar None 

$3 Central Powers Cocktail

$1 Jagerbombs

Cover 3

$3 Trench Tanqueray (A gin cocktail served in a trench shaped glass)


$1 Propaganda Patron