The Top 11 American Lusitania Passengers

11. Annie Taylor, 2nd class, age 41, from Boston

10. Susan Pearl, Saloon class, age 1, from New York

9. Charles Plamomdon, Saloon class, age 57 from Chicago

8. Charles Stevens, 2nd class, age 57, from Atlantic City

7. Mary Plamomdon, Saloon class, age 57, from Chicago

6. Eldridge Luck, Saloon class, age 9, from Worcester

5. Theodore Naisch, 2nd class, age 59, from Kansas City

4. David Samoliescu, 2nd class, age 32, from New York

3. William Stainton, valet to Charles Frohman, Saloon class, age 36, from New York

2. Kenneth Luck, Saloon class, age 7, from Worcester

1.Amy Pearl, Saloon class, age 2, from New York

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