War Breaks Out Between Roommates Over $2 Venmo Request

Chaos has broken out in Apartment 512 of the Redtail on the River apartment complex as roommates Tiffany and Lindsey have been locked in battle for nearing two days. Early reports which suggested the fight stemmed from a disagreement over a conflicting love interest turned out to be incorrect – instead, an intense UN investigation has revealed the $2 Venmo request at the center of the calamity.

According to an individual displaced by the fighting, the apartment was running low on hand soap a few days ago, which Tiffany fixed with a quick trip to CVS. After buying a $4 bottle of soap, Tiffany requested $2 via Venmo from Lindsey, asking that they split the cost. Lindsey, however, maintains she recently bought milk and other rations for the apartment with no expectation for restitution, and reportedly refused to pay for the soap, setting off the now days-long conflict.

Diplomats representing Lindsey released a brief statement on the situation, stating that “Lindsey is always buying things that are needed for the apartment without asking for Tiffany to pay for them, which is so generous.” Lindsey was also unofficially quoted as stating that “this is exactly the kind of thing she would do, and I’m not putting up with it anymore.”

Skirmishes of this nature are not new to the duo, as shown by the Great 11 Day Milk Standoff of March 2017, where each insisted the other buy additional milk without budging.

A temporary ceasefire was announced today at around 1:48 EST after Lindsey and Tiffany were unable to successfully run their dishwasher and washing machine, respectively. Peace negotiations showed promise at first, but the ceasefire ended abruptly when Tiffany was accused of drinking Lindsey’s ginger ale “and totally knew it didn’t belong to her.”

At press time, Tiffany could be seen hiding most of their silverware in her room.