Student Misses Shuttle, Drops Out

For sophomore Ben Davis, this school year is not off to a good start. In fact, his semester is already over. After Davis missed the shuttle from the UOaks apartment complex on Tuesday, he immediately withdrew from the University of South Carolina.

Over the course of last week, reports said things were looking promising for Davis. He successfully took the shuttle, which transports residents to USC’s campus every half hour, on four separate occasions. However, it was on September 8th at 8 AM, that a few extra minutes in the shower would cost him his seat on the busy shuttle—and his education.

“I mean, I was going to be late for class,” he told The Third Spur, clearly shaken after the incident. “It was only downhill from there. I know when to cut my losses.”

The Columbia native has a long history of wisely bowing out of failing endeavors. His mother, Amy Davis, told The Third Spur that during a rough patch in her marriage with his father, Ben tried to take the initiative to abort himself as a fetus. Later, he twice walked home early from elementary school after forgetting his show-and-tell.

“I like to think that it was me who taught him how to give up after the first try—he’s had four stepdads!” she said.

 It’s difficult to say what’s next for the proactive young man. After stuttering slightly during a conversation with a Third Spur reporter, he simply walked away.