Man Who Impregnated Woman Just Wants To Be Friends

After learning that his drunken one-night stand had resulted in accidental pregnancy, sources this week say that student Dustin Okuda has expressed his desire to simply remain friends with the woman he impregnated.

After meeting the mother-to-be in a campus coffee shop, Okuda reportedly explained that he felt it was best to leave their one-night stand in the past, and that their friendship was too important to him to risk “letting dating drama or child-support get in the way.”

“Friends shouldn’t hold things over each other’s heads- like parenthood, you know what I mean?” he added, with a laugh. “That would be super uncool.”

Before he left, Okuda made sure to comfort his one-time partner, assuring her that they “could still totally hang out some time,” and that he was so glad she understood where he was coming from. At press time, the future mother of his child was experiencing morning sickness while Okuda told a group of friends that he “definitely let her down easy.”