Cultural Appropriation Voted #1 Halloween Costume For Fifth Year Straight

A poll released by the New York Times this week showed that the number one Halloween costume this year was Cultural Appropriation, continuing the costume’s five-year streak as most popular. Cultural Appropriation had a significant lead in the poll over its competition, which included the kitty cat, Ken Bone, and Harley Quinn.

“There is nothing cuter than offending a mass group of people, and if you can make it slutty, even better.” Lyndsay Parker, who portrayed a sexy sharecropper in a local costume contest. She explained it wasn’t an easy pick, and that her other options included Slutty Indian, Slutty Chinese Worker, and Slutty Indentured Servant. Sources say that college students especially love this trend. “I mean why blow a bunch of money on a party city costume when it’s so easy to appropriate. I dressed up as a Hunky Terrorist Arab for 6 bucks.” Senior John Johnson claimed.

Next years’ version of Cultural Appropriation is expected to be racy rejected refugees and deported immigrants.