Student Trapped in Quicksand in Earth and Water Science Building

Freshman Hannah Montaigne was found deep in the Earth and Water Science Building after being missing for two days. She was discovered waist deep in an open pit of quicksand that she accidentally wandered into.

When found trapped in the non-Newtonian fluid by rescuers, Montaigne reportedly asked, “Hey, is this the Marine Science 210 Lab?” Following a 3-hour-long extraction process, Montaigne was finally freed and directed to her lab, located near the building’s entrance.

However, after showing up to lab 2 days late, lab T.A. David Sanders gave Montaigne a 0 on the first assignment, and told the student that “being trapped in quicksand for an extended duration of time is not a valid excuse for missing lab,” as listed under the attendance policy on the syllabus.