These are the Best Places to Study on Campus

This is the definitive list of the best academic buildings on USC’s campus to study.



Located right near Russell House, this building contains two computer labs that are almost always empty and available to use.


Doheny Memorial Library

Located right in the heart of the other USC’s campus, this building is full desks and study rooms!


Williams Brice Stadium

Although lightly out of the way of most people’s walk through campus, this building is usually desolate six days of the week.


Thomas Cooper Library

There’s always something to do in the library, from preventing your friends and strangers from studying to playing epic hours-long games of hide and seek.


Cool Beans

You are not a real USC student if you do not pretend to do homework here at least once before you graduate.


Colonial Life Arena

Have you seen some of the upcoming concerts here? Quite a lineup if you ask me.  Student tickets can be as low as $30!


Bull Street Parking Lot Security Hut

Rumor has it that if you beat the security guard in a game of rock-paper-scissors (best 3/5), he will grant you rule of his 10-space parking lot for the afternoon.


SGTV News Desk

Hey, a desk is a desk.


Columbia Sewer System

After most of the sewer entrances were locked up after sightings of the Third Eye Man, almost nobody traverses into the extensive network of underground pipes.  A wasted opportunity if you ask me!


Five Points on a Friday Night

If I see you trying this, I’ll definitely give you a high-five.


Firehouse Subs

Established in 1976, this family-owned eatery is one of the best local Mexican restaurants in Columbia.


The Pedestrian Bridge Between Strom and 650 Lincoln

Try and do your homework here and actually get something done. I fucking dare you.