Missed Connection – Student4Student

Student4Student: i stole ur place, but you stole my heart

You let me cut in front of you in Russell’s Chick-Fil-A line. Sure, your friends had all arrived at the back, and anyway, we weren’t that far in, but at Russell, every precious minute spent in that hellish line is one you won’t get back. And you gave that minute to me. What does it all mean?

Student4Student: feels like f8

I saw you again today. You sit in the front row of my genetics class, and we talked about how badly we failed the test when we walked out at the same time. I thought I was just stupid, but after hearing how we both blanked on question 8, I feel differently. I feel… seen. 

Student4Student: ive been doing just fine… but it’d be better with u

There was a party this past Saturday, you know where, and our eyes met from across the room. Well, I caught a glimpse of your forehead over the throngs of people, but how could I have seen it unless you were looking in my direction? Over the flashing lights and the sound of drunken freshmen singing along to Mr. Brightside, you must have sensed our hearts beating in unison. If only my social anxiety hadn’t forbidden me from staying, I might have even learned your name.

Student4Student: gotta admit, we have chemistry

You let me copy your data in chem lab today after I spilled acetanilide crystals all over you. I don’t know what qualifies one for sainthood, but you deserve it. I even saw your name when I was supposed to be looking at the percent composition: Jamie. Or maybe Charlie. Or Frankie–your handwriting is just as hard to read as you are.

Student4Student: shot thru the heart

I know you like me, too. Why else would you have smiled and nodded your head at me when I gave you finger guns? I wanted to say something about the coincidence of us being at Russell again–what are the chances? I can’t bear to continue this little dance. Next time I see you, I’m just going to lay it all out.

Student4Student: Yikes. 

Wow. You didn’t hold the elevator door for me at Thomas Cooper Library during test week. I’ve been waiting 45 minutes now for another elevator to come to the main floor. All I have to say is, I’m sorry that I wasted so much time thinking you were one of the good ones. How do I delete these things?