USC Launches Sticker Success Center To Help Students With Difficult Redbubble Choices

Many college students use Redbubble stickers as a form of expression, but making the right choice of stickers for laptops or water bottles can be agonizing for many new students.

Students like freshman Anna-Marie Thompson struggled with striking a balance. “I had to buy 10 to get the 50% off discount,” Thompson stated. “But how was I supposed to go about finding exactly 10 stickers that tell a person everything they need to know about me?”

“It was really stressful, but after I discovered this Redbubble sticker group, everything changed,” Thompson continued. “I learned that people won’t want to associate with you unless you’ve got a sticker with an Office quote, Vine reference, or sports team logo, and that’s something that I couldn’t have known on my own.”

At the Sticker Success Center, upperclassmen students help new students pick the stickers that are the best, both financially and stylistically. Peer Mentor Kayla Williams facilitates these meetings and trains other students on how to make these difficult decisions.

“This vibrant cacti sticker will show people how much you love plants, but this sticker that says ~ good vibes only ~ can show people how chill you are,” Williams said to a student who came in for a session. “If you get this pastel floral sticker that says ‘Everything Happens For A Reason,’ you can cover both of those things at once.”

Students who have benefited from the program, like senior Jonathan Wesley, explain that the SSC helped them stay on the right path. “You know, I spent so long agonizing over which TV show I wanted stickers from, and I couldn’t seem to narrow it down. This group showed me that I didn’t have to. A simple ‘Saturdays are for the cocks’ sticker can go a long way.”