Undeclared Student Announces Commitment to Psychology Major

Announcing his intentions to officially end his undeclared major recruitment in a Twitter post of a screenshot of the iPhone ‘Notes’ app, 4-star student Tanner “Beau” Wyatt has announced he is officially committing to the Psychology major.  Wyatt was the number 12 overall prospect of the undeclared class of 2022 and one of the top targeted recruits in the university by the major.

His statement is shown below:

In the statement posted on his Twitter page in a Notes app screenshot late Monday night, the 5’ 9” Maryland native also wrote his thanks to all the other departments and majors that have been recruiting him, his undeclared advisors, God, his family, his friends, his Family, his co-workers, his Delta Iota Kappa brothers, his dog, his dawgs, his roommates, the fishing club, God, his intramural frisbee team, his pet Cactus, and Jesus. For Psychology, this commitment comes at a vital time, after the rival Sociology department getting 3 of the top 50 Undeclared recruits over the span of the last 2 weeks.

“This is a really huge win for the department,” Psychology Department Director Joshua Jenkins told the Third Spur.  “We’ve been needing some depth at our department, and this student is just what we needed from this recruiting class. Beau is a great student, and we’ll be sure to use him well.”

Wyatt was being recruited by the Sociology, Mass Communications, and Criminal Justice majors, and he had received offers from 12 other majors as well.

Wyatt enters the major with a 2.87 GPA and a 90% class passing rate, finishing his last English 102 class with a 89. He joins 563 other Psychology students in the major, and he is set to start classes this Spring.