Indie Band “Not Prepared For Fame So Quickly”

Columbia-based indie band Utah Run, a musical group formed out of guitarist Jake Wolziek’s apartment, faces an unusual problem: their newfound popularity is more than the group is ready to handle.

“I get asked about the group about 3 times a day. It’s usually my band members asking when we are going to practice the Beatles cover, but it’s still way more than I could have ever anticipated,” said lead singer Alex Rivera. “I just wasn’t prepared for fame this quickly.”

Rivera’s girlfriend, Laney Stevens highlighted the group’s use of media platforms, explaining that “They’ve got about 300 plays on Soundcloud, and 160 views on Youtube. I pointed out that they have 3 likes and 10 dislikes, but they say any traffic is better than nothing.”

Guitarist Jake Wolziek explained where he saw the group’s future. “We just do covers for now, but since they’re getting pretty popular, we’re going to give our fans some original music pretty soon. At our biggest gig so far, my cousin Andrew’s bar mitzvah, everyone there seemed to really like the vibe we had going on, you know?”

However, not everyone thinks the group is equipped for a larger audience. Wolziek’s roommate, Anay Patel, claims “They listen to their own songs on loop so that their streaming numbers can increase,” he said as a ukulele cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” played faintly in the other room.

“They won’t stop calling Jake’s room the ‘studio’ when all they have in there is an iPhone with the recording app and Jake’s Mac,” Patel continued. “Jake knows about five chords on the guitar because he’s only been playing for two months.”

At press time, Utah Run members were seen searching for “open mics columbia covers only”.