Opinion: You Don’t Really Need To Go To Class Today

Hey man, it’s 7:30am. This is your third snooze now, buddy. It’s clear you don’t want to go to class, so, like… just don’t. I mean, you’re clearly really tired. You only got 9 hours of sleep! You’re so cozy in this bed, and it’s cold outside of the comfort of your blanket. Is that rain I hear? Or a train? Either way, there’s no way you can step out the door now.

Okay, how about this: you skip your 8:05 because you’re already going to be late at this point anyways and if you miss the first five minutes, what’s the point? But! You will definitely go to your 9:40. You can sleep until 9:00 am at the latest, wouldn’t that be nice? But you have to go to that one because you’ve already skipped twice and you were saving the third absence to start Thanksgiving break early.

It’s 9:00 am already? Fuck, that was like nothing! That’s just unfair. Did daylight savings time happen already? Okay, look, someone will sign you in for the 9:40 class if you ask, plus, she posts all of the PowerPoints on Blackboard. It’s like she’s begging you not to go! But you absolutely gotta go to the one at 11:40. I know it’s not mandatory, but it’s such a small class that the professor will see you skipped AGAIN and you can’t keep disappointing that man. So, let’s just get up at 11:00 am, and we’ll be off to a great start for the day.

Wow, is it really 11:00? Damn. Well, you should probably get out of bed now. But first, you can relax and wake yourself up with some light social media browsing. But 15 minutes tops, okay?

Oh no, it’s 11:25! Shit, okay just hurry up, no shower, grab a granola bar, and go. You can do this!

But on the other hand…. you did already decide to skip the first two classes. Why even bother going ALL the way to campus for just one class? You might as well not even go if you’re only have one. And there won’t be parking available anyway. Plus, what are we even doing today in that class? Going over homework? You definitely don’t have to go to class.