“How Can All These Powerful Men Be So Awful?” Asks Man Sending 9th Unsolicited Dick Pic of the Week

Local man Derek Rioux was seen asking “how can all these powerful men be so awful” before excusing himself to venture to the bathroom and send his 9th dick pic of the week. Rioux, a frequent tinder user, made the comment in light of all of the powerful figures that have been accused of sexual abuse, including Louis C.K, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein. “I just can’t believe how poorly women are treated in professional settings” claimed Rioux while asking a roommate if they believed a girl would “do anal on the first date.”

The new allegations are marking a social change, where accusations are taken seriously, and alleged victims accounts aren’t dismissed. Rioux, after calling a tinder match a cunt for not wanting to go out, remarked that this change was “good for Hollywood and professional industries everywhere.”

Rioux, a cashier at Food Lion, also remarked that “I’ve apologized to all my female co-workers on behalf of my gender’s rule throughout history” between remarks with blatant sexual undertones at a woman in his check-out line. One woman who works with Rioux claims that “he is an absolute pig. I’ve talked to my manager several times and all he did was tell me to ‘lighten up’ and grab my ass.”

At press time, Rioux was seen asking a woman in his check-out line if “that [cucumber] was big enough for [her].”