Re: Hello! And some help?

Salutations once again, madame or sir, to whomever it may concern,

While I have already emailed you once, it has been three weeks, and I have received no response. I surely hope this is no bother, my liege, but I am emailing once again to remind you of my request. Take this as no offense to your holiness, oh Intern of Communications, I do NOT suggest you may have forgotten of my humble asking of a photo of your offices. No, no good fellow, I would NEVER hint that you were anything less than a beacon of memory and perfection. Simply, I reach out so humbly once again to only check in that you had possibly looked into maybe allowing me to receive such a jay-pegg upon my inboxe.

I know I am but a lowly peasant in your world of insurance auditing as I am but a serf, a child, an undergraduate buffoon. I do recognize this! Please, do not find any ego here, good fellow. I fully understand and recognize your importance and my lack thereof. The contrast is striking. Thus, I will take no mind to a delay or even no acceptance of my request. I deserve nothing, and I am grateful for even a moment of your virtual time and space.

I apologize for my existence and ask you forgive me for even believing you might present me with such a high favour. Return my email if you feel necessary but I expect nothing as I am nothing.

Greatest praise and loyalty, forever yours,

A student