Microsoft Announces New “Surface 2 Air”

Only a few days after announcing the release of the Surface 3, Microsoft, a company not known to following standard numerical naming conventions, announced the new Surface 2 Air, the latest in affordable, light weight, easy-to-use anti-aircraft weaponry.

The Surface 2 Air features a user friendly 10.8 inch touch screen interface, providing ease in targeting incoming bombers. Microsoft rounded out the specs for the missiles to feature a 64GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM, an effective range of 500 m, and heat-seeking capabilities.

Microsoft set the price for the new military grade hardware at $499 a missile, $300 cheaper than the base model for their Surface Pro 3, which lacks any form of anti-aircraft capabilities. By setting such a low price, they expect the Surface 2 Air to become a common sight in the home, office, and on the battlefield.