Guy Wearing High School Hoodie Finally Finds Former Classmate Who Also Goes Here

Passerbys in Russell House today likely didn’t catch the small detail in one freshman’s wardrobe, but to him, his old high school class of 2017 sweatshirt represented a hopeful dream.

After moving from his hometown of San Diego, Edward Flores expected to feel out of place across the country in South Carolina. The freshman was delightfully surprised to take to his new environment quite easily and found making friends simple. Still, though, he missed something from home.

“I knew one kid from my high school that graduated with me and decided to come here, too,” explained Flores. “I didn’t know him that well in high school. You know, liked a few Tweets of his, did an in-class project or two.”

He continued, “I’m not ready to let go of my inside jokes from high school. You spend four years cultivating these inter-school memes and you’re just supposed to forget them?”

Flores explained his revolutionary idea saying, “I decided to wear my Durwood Porter Wildcats sweatshirt everyday until I found him. Because, quite honestly, I didn’t think he would recognize my face at all so it’s good I thought of the sweatshirt thing.”

Indeed, it was fortuitous for Flores to devise such a plan because the day came that it worked. “I was so surprised,” Flores described, “I had been wearing the sweatshirt for like 6 weeks straight and was just sitting in Russell and he came over and really casually said ‘you went to Durwood too?’ and I wanted to seem like I hadn’t planned this so I said ‘yeah bro, go wildcats, right?'”

Unfortunately, the scene took a turn for the worst. Through sighs of embarrassment, Flores said, “I realized I hadn’t planned to say anything else after that. I figured I could wing it, but I couldn’t. I wanted to reference something from school, but my mind went blank.”

Within moments, a heavy silence sat between the two, unbalanced upon the shaky Russell House table. It was finally Flores’ “friend,” whom he was unable to identify by name to The Third Spur, who sliced the air with his words. “Nice to see you man, see you around,” Flores quoted as the student’s words.

“He got up and left,” Flores recounted, adding, “I’m never wearing that damn sweatshirt again.”