Something Exciting is Happening On Campus

Everyone can stop saying nothing happens on campus now because soon something very exciting is going to be happening on campus. That’s right, just sit tight a bit longer and something exciting will finally be happening on campus. The exciting thing could be happening in one of the many unique locales across our whole wide campus. Many exciting things have been happening on our storied campus since its founding in 1801, such as baseball, basketball, and ping pong. For over two hundred years, exciting things have been happening on campus.

It’s possible the exciting thing could be baseball, basketball, or even ping pong. It’s even possible that it could be an entirely different thing, which would be equally as exciting. Tens of students have been speculating on what the exciting thing could be, as there has not been an official announcement from the University, but we are sure that whatever it is, it will be very exciting.

LeConte College may be used as the location for this exciting thing, as the building has been seemingly indefinitely under construction since the summer of 2021. The building(LeConte) was supposed to reopen before the end of 2021, but someone got too excited about the exciting thing that is going to happen spilled some maple syrup on the third floor and it dripped down to the ground floor and that shit is literally impossible to clean up. Thankfully, the syrup spill in LeConte was dealt with safely and thoroughly, as it would be impossible to play baseball, basketball, or even ping pong in LeConte with syrup all over the floors!

“LeConte is being renovated, and we are so excited about all the exciting things that we might be able to do in LeConte once the renovation is completed,” University Head of Modernization, John Modern said. “We can’t say for sure yet, but it’s possible that students will be able to play baseball, basketball, or even ping pong in LeConte once it is back open. LeConte has been a centerpiece of student life and culture here at UofSC for over two months, and we are so excited to see what the future of LeConte has in store.”

LeConte College was built in 1952 and serves as the home of the Mathematics and Statistics department. The building was named after the LeConte brothers, who did some very exciting things. We’re sure that the LeConte brothers would be very excited about the things that are going to be happening soon in LeConte. We for one are very excited about the things that could be happening, such as a ping pong tournament in LeConte, a baseball tournament in LeConte, or even a basketball tournament in LeConte. So next time your friends say that nothing happens on campus, let them know that something exciting is going to be happening soon.