Student With Iranian Physics Professor Thinks Travel Ban “Great Idea”

Sophomore Andy Davis, 20, a student currently enrolled in Dr. Farrokh Rahbar’s Physics 211 class, reportedly thinks the recent controversial travel ban is a “great idea.” Davis, who currently holds a D average in the course taught by the well-regarded professor of 12 years, told friends yesterday that he believes President Trump’s executive order restricting travel from several Muslim majority countries will help secure the nation’s borders.

“Brave stance by President Trump!” Davis wrote on his Facebook wall at the time the ban was announced, four days before the introductory-level class’s midterm exam. “My only question: Does it apply to permanent residents as well?”

When questioned as to whether he was worried that his professor Dr. Rahbar may be affected by the ban, Davis remained firm.

“Look, missing a few classes isn’t a big deal, I’ve already missed, five, six, seven maybe? Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for safety.”