Wistful Glimmer in Study Abroad Student’s Eye as Spain Mentioned in Passing

Early this morning, eyewitnesses reported a wistful glimmer appeared in the eye of junior Samantha Collins as Spain, the location of her previous Study Abroad, briefly came up in conversation.

“It’s just a different kind of culture there,” Collins was reported as saying quietly, referring to the Spanish-speaking, European country while smiling distantly. Sources say that although the topic had already changed, Collins unlocked her cell phone in order to show the group a picture from a Madrid hostel in which she stayed.

Speaking on the heavily-structured Study Abroad program which was planned and paid for months in advance, Collins said “It was both the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done- I feel like I really had to grow up while I was there.”

Collins then began listing all the ways Spain differs from America. “No, you guys, like, don’t understand. All of Europe, minus the UK, of course, has the same money! And they have real Hispanic food there, like I’ll never be able to eat Chipotle again.”

Those around Collins continued to ignore her, with one friend explaining Collins does this at least twice a week.

At press time, Collins was seen attempting to explain the “correct” pronunciation of Barcelona.