Dude Acclaimed for Sick Throwback Playlist of 2010-Era Hits

International Studies student and all around dude Ryan Lakeson was lionized at a house party this Saturday for his sick throwback playlist of Top 10 hits from 2010. Partygoers were shocked and amazed when songs that had been previously overplayed and forgotten about, like “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem and “Find Your Love” by Drake, blasted through Lakeson’s Beats pill in the center of the room.

“Those songs are so awesome and, like, bring so many memories back from middle school” said Jenna Reister, 20. “I forgot how powerful Bruno Mars’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ is. I think it has a timeless message.”

Lakeson’s discerning ear received the most credit when BoB’s hit “Airplanes” came on and practically flattened the globe once more. Party host Lindsey Nam declared that Ryan’s fantastic music taste would always grant him the aux cord.

Third Spur reporters were unable to speak with Ryan due to the line of women waiting to put their phone number into his iPhone 4.