Student Government Election Important Opportunity For Candidates To Practice Campaigning, Fraud

This week was election week at USC, an opportunity for candidates for President, Vice President, and Treasurer to gain real political experience in things like campaigning and fraud.

The future politicians each announced their candidacy late last week, showing their determination to win by putting up posters, giving out t-shirts, and immediately racking up huge numbers of campaign violations.

Political Science professor, Dr. Alexander Tracy, says that this week is important for many reasons.

“We’re letting our future leaders get out there and see what it’s really like to use any means necessary to get what they want,” he said. “These are skills they’re going to use in real politics.”

Alleged coercion, slander, and embezzlement are just a few of the ways that this year’s candidates are vying for the student body’s vote and preparing for their career.

At press time, candidates on Greene Street were helpfully telling students which buttons to press on the online voting form.