Freshmen Fashion Week: The Hottest Looks from Students Realizing College Has No Dress Code

Spring has sprung and fashion week has begun here in Columbia. Temperatures are rising on campus thanks to daring new looks from these first year ladies. These freshmen fashionistas are debuting the hottest looks for the hot season that push new boundaries of fashion. And of course, fashion isn’t only for the ladies! The runways and dorm hallways alike are filled by freshman boys in bold outfits, too. So, as the forecasts are climbing and panties dropping here at USC, The Third Spur brings our coverage of USC Freshman Fashion Week (USCFFW) 2018.

Freshman and model of her own stylings, Ashley Carlyle, is one of hundreds of girls sporting a new outfit each day of USCFFW but she is just as unique as everyone else in her picks. Trends to watch from this year include:

  • shorts so short there is little point in wearing them
  • wearing only a bra
  • the biggest hat you can find
  • heels from the time you almost quit school to become a stripper because you failed your first college math test
  • honestly, just a Halloween costume
  • S&M gear
  • jeans with a hole so big they’re basically just shorts connected to your ankle

Carlyle explained the thought process that goes into developing a new look. “In high school, we had a strict dress code. No shorts, no tank tops, no hats, no rips, no heels. You can say that restriction breeds creativity, but I personally found it impossible to work with,” Carlyle stated. “When I came to college, I was careful at first, wearing some familiar choices from the previous year’s school clothes. Then, as I started noticing some upperclassmen around me, it dawned on me that I can wear literally anything that I want.”

On the male side of USCFFW 2018, freshman Michael Gentry reports the following trends he and other male models have been testing:

  • mesh tops that are definitely making a comeback
  • your “Class of 2021” shirt with fashion-forward holes cut into it
  • a balaclava
  • chokers for men
  • just wearing a leaf (inspired by Adam of Adam & Eve)
  • a shirt from another college that you excitedly visited but couldn’t afford due to their financial aid package

Keep in mind, participants in USCFFW 2018 will be presenting these looks across campus until the end of the semester when their parents come to pick them up.