Visiting Father Calls Family from Car to Report Difficult Time Parking

“I’m just having a tough time with the parking situation around here,” visiting father Greg Henderson reported this afternoon via speakerphone to his wife, Taylor, and daughter, Marissa.

Marissa, a prospective student, and her mother had been dropped off by Henderson at the Horseshoe about twenty minutes earlier. Henderson apologized for his absence, but also reminded his kin how startled he had been when an off-campus shuttle had pulled up “right on [Henderson’s] ass” as they had been exiting the black SUV with Maryland plates.

“It’s like a maze,” Henderson explained to his family, speaking of the grid-like street system found in Columbia as well as most cities around the world. “I can’t seem to get lucky with a street spot. Where is that ‘Bull Street Garage’ you were talking about, Mar’?” Henderson asked his daughter, referring to the high school senior who has visited Hilton Head Island one time in 2012 as the family’s “South Carolina expert.”

“You guys just go ahead to that information session without me and I’ll catch up,” Henderson said, after ten more minutes had passed. “I might try to park by that restaurant we saw earlier,” he continued, “the one by the State House or the Football Stadium, I think. Lots of spots that way.”

At press time, Henderson exclaimed, “Everybody around here drives like total crazy people!” while merging onto I-26 at 25 miles-per-hour.