Live Blog: Professor Uses Racial Slur Mid-Lecture

9:52.22 am: Professor just used a racial slur and students don’t know what to do. Students hoping professor doesn’t say it ag-

9:52.30 am: Professor uses same slur again. White students already trying to distance themselves from professor. Students stare at one another dumbfounded.

9:53.49 am: Professor: “It’s amazing those ‘Japs’ could make even make such great cars, and with such small hands!”

9:54.02 am: Back rows debating about intent and motivation of professor.

9:55.36 am: Early reports indicate that most don’t believe he’s racist, just “from a different time.”

9:56.16 am: Convincing counterargument arises for racist based on principle that “being from different time doesn’t excuse slurs.”

9:56.31 am: Guy in corner, interjecting for the first time, “is this really a big deal?”

9:56.32 am: Group of Asian-American students vow to beat the shit out of guy in corner.

9:59.09 am: Professor just used phrase “slant eyes.” Back row discussion sent into a frenzy.

9:59.28 am: Debate rages as to whether or not the “slant eyes” remark was sarcastic.

10:01.01 am: Guy mentions that Professor fought in Vietnam, several students scramble to figure out if he was drafted.

10:12.22 am: Several minutes sidetracking as the discussion turned to the morality (or lack thereof) of the Vietnam war.

10:13.59 am: Ruling on “slant eyes” TBD because of new information regarding Professor’s involvement in Vietnam

10:16.32 am: Professor has refrained from using any additional remarks since “slant eyes.” Students begin to feel comfortable.

10:21.51 am: Professor answers question from Asian-American student without using slur

10:29.56 am: Professor calls student a “cunt.” Students stare in disbelief.

10:30.00: Class ends