Opinion: Are You Going To Frank’s Tonight?

Hey, are you going to Frank’s Halloween party tonight? Wanted to see if you could DD for-

Wait, you aren’t going? Oh.

No, no, it’s totally no big deal! I was just wondering, because it’s supposed to be pretty awesome- he lives in a huge house, and like, 150 people are heading over there later. Did you already have plans or something?

Oh, weird, you didn’t get an invite? I thought he sent it out to everyone on Facebook. You have a Facebook, right? Huh. I guess maybe he only invited people he’s close with. Handing out candy at your apartment will be fun though! I would totally come to your place- if I wasn’t already going to Frank’s, you know? But I wouldn’t miss his party for anything. Like seriously, nothing. He’s got a DJ coming.

That girl Kelly, the cute one- you said she was in your English class or whatever- she’ll be there. Just thought I’d mention it, doesn’t really matter though. Maybe I’ll talk to her for you! But also she was kinda flirting with me earlier, so I may just have to go for it, you feel me?

Anyway, what kind of candy are you handing out tonight? Oh yeah, Frank said he’d have that kind too.