Tour Of Cardboard Homes Shows Sigma Chi Integrating Well Into Homeless Community

Despite concerns about their recent homeless status, members of the former Sigma Chi fraternity seem to be integrating well into the Columbia homeless community. While some members have found comfort in local shelters, others have taken the initiative to create dwellings of their own, prompting the president of the former brotherhood to announce the first annual tour of Sigma Chi cardboard homes.

Among the homes that are to be featured in the tour are those of Tyler White, Brandon Smith, and Josh Miller. White’s home is is spacious former refrigerator box with a fashionable newspaper curtain at the entrance. Meanwhile, Brandon will be showing off his two story home, the second story of which is rented out to a small family of stray cats. Finally, Josh will be showing his spacious cardboard lean-to, with its open floor plan and attached two-shopping cart garage.

Billy Blackmon, former treasurer for Sigma Chi and current dumpster diver, told the Third Spur, “I’m really proud of my brothers, ya know? A lot of us were worried there might not be enough space in the shelters, but they went out and made their own space. I just traded my favorite polo and a used syringe for a cot here.”

Local Five Points pan-handler Willy Baggins says that the brothers are fitting in very well. “The quality of the neighborhood has really gone up. Not to mention all the brand name cardboard they’ve brought. I just wish they’d keep their filthy paws out of my crack!”

The date and time for the cardboard home tour is still undecided, but it was indicated that it would take place within the next few weeks. A representative from Sigma Chi went on to say that original plans for an evening tour by candlelight were scrapped due to concerns about the potential flammability of the homes.