Honeycomb Voted “Restaurant on Campus”

The votes are in from the Offices of Student Polling, and the Third Spur wants to offer a big congratulations to the Honeycomb Cafe for its newly-earned title as “Restaurant on Campus”! It won out against other all-you-can-eat locations like Bates Diner and Gibbes Court in all categories, including drink availability, napkin dispensing, and room temperature.

Honeycomb’s ‘Employee of the Month’ Hadley Cho gave this wonderful speech as she accepted the award on behalf of the restaurant: “Working here is my job, and I am satisfied with the compensation I receive. I would also like to spotlight my coworkers and boss, who often acknowledge and interact with each other.”

Honeycomb is known for serving food that is edible and providing an atmosphere that is created via lighting and music. Wonderful! If you’re a picky eater, don’t worry. They always provide 2 or more food options and complimentary water! They really do have something for everyone there.

Third Spur reached out to one Cassidy Lennon, a freshman who claims to eat at Honeycomb between 2 and 3 times a week. “The meals I get there make me feel full when I finish eating them. My favorite thing to get is either protein or carbs, but their fruits and vegetables are also an option.” What a review, huh?

So thanks, Honeycomb Cafe, for all that you do here on campus. If you have money, are hungry, and find yourself nearby, visit this treasured spot. The staff there will usually respond to questions and sometimes even serve you food you can eat. Great!