Physics Professor Announces Physics “Hard”

In an announcement best described as flabbergasting by students, local USC physics professor Dr. Federico Galvano announced that physics, the scientific study of all matter and energy in the known universe and our perceived understanding of reality, is “hard.”

Dr. Galvano made the startling relevation during an early morning lecture to students attending his Introduction to Physics MW class in the Jones 210.

“Guys, you really have to focus here. Physics is hard, you need to do your homework ahead of time and not wait until the last minute with this stuff.”

Dr. Galvano was reported to have left the classroom in utter shell-shock. Local USC student David Westley described the scene afterwards.

“So I was just rolling my skateboard back and forth under my feet in the back, and then all of a sudden you could just feel something leave the room, you know? I heard some girl make this like pain-whimpering noise down front, and I just turned to my friend Gravy [Gregory Millsap] and was like ‘What did he just say?’ but he just lost all color in his face, bro, like deadpan.”

When reached for comment, Dr. Galvano was reportedly too busy trying to explain the difference between a centimeter and a meter to a junior business major to give a statement.