Area Man Brings Guitar To Party, Again

Local Douchebag Brian Fielding, 27, brought his guitar to yet another party, which, for some inexplicable reason, he believed was a good idea.

Despite being “mostly into playing original stuff,” Brian reportedly began his performance by playing the same shit he always does at parties like these, like “Wonderwall” and “Wagon Wheel.” These were accompanied by a professional arrangement consisting of two chords played over and over again- all while trying to coax other people to sing along.

When interviewed after the show, Brian said “It’s really just a hobby that I dabble in between writing daily posts for my blog all about the latest developments in flannel.”

Between songs, Brian was heard talking about how he wanted to move to the mountains to “just get away from it all for a while,” an idea which polled strongly among fellow partiers.

Brian was seen later in the evening talking to some female members of his self-proclaimed “entourage” who, despite telling him several times to “drop dead,” were described by Brian as “really big fans who are really into me.”