Top Five Safest Fraternity Initiations

If you’re looking to rush next semester, but have concerns about the fraternity initiation process, worry no more! Some fraternities might have a reputation for hazing, but we found the top five safest fraternity initiations that happened at USC this year.

  1. Alpha Kappa Mu: New members at this fraternity are forced to shove their right hand into a boiling pot of water for ten seconds. They are then sent out and told to return three days later. When they return, those whose hand skin had not healed were slain on the spot. Only those with the least-sensitive of skin can survive in Alpha Kappa Mu.
  2. Phi Chi Psi: Are you a fan of Gladiator? Well, this fraternity is for you. Initiates here become actual gladiators and fight to the death for the enjoyment of their brothers. The only downside to this fraternity is that there are very few members, seeing that only one new member survives initiation each year.
  3. Zeta Eta Theta: This fraternity initiates their new members by releasing them into Williams-Brice stadium where they are forced to stay for a day. In the upper deck, Navy Seals practice their sniping and attempt to hit these moving targets. This type of initiation accomplishes two things: it improves the new member’s survival skills (those who make it out, at least), and it gives the Navy Seals sniper training like no other.
  4. Alpha Omega: During this initiation, new members are forced to sleep in the same room and stay on high alert. At a random time during the night, mustard gas is released into the room from the ventilation shaft and the students are forced to escape by jumping out of the nearest window. Luckily, the room is only a few stories off the ground, so most members that jump survive the fall.
  5. Pi Nu Xi: Fans of The Princess Bride are sure to love this fraternity’s initiation process. New pledges are individually summoned to a specific spot on the bank of the Congaree River where they sit at a table across from Cary Elwes (The guy who said “As you wish” a lot in the movie) and forced to choose between two drinks. Just like the movie, both drinks are filled with poison and most of the pledges die soon after. The fraternity only has one member, and it is Cary himself.

Well, there you have it. If you are looking to rush next semester and you want a safe transition into Greek life, make sure to consider these fraternities!