Opinion: My Girlfriend is Being a Selfish Bitch

Let me get one thing straight before we begin – my girlfriend is a pretty sweet chick.  But lately, she’s been acting like a complete bitch.

First of all, she claims that I “don’t spend enough time with her” and that I “barely even pay attention to her.” She acts like she’s not even on my list of top priorities.  Is it my fault that my fraternity, intramural ultimate frisbee team, the boys, Vineyard Vines, beer pong, neighbor’s dog, Chick-fil-a, side chick, new kayak, and the NFL are above her on the list? Absolutely not, and she shouldn’t be surprised either – I hang the list in my bedroom for all to see.

Second of all, she got mad at me before the semester began because I wouldn’t drive two hours to go see her in Charleston.  Is it true that she drove up to Columbia to see me five times over the summer? Yes, but I didn’t ask her to do that.  Plus, I’m not made of money, and the money I did have to spend was used for things higher on that list.

And here’s the worst part.  She’s keeps talking about how she wants to get a cat when she KNOWS I’m mildly allergic to cats.  You think I want to sneeze every few minutes? I sneeze enough already, thank you very much.  I already have to pretend to enjoy watching The Office with her when I don’t force her to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and now I have to worry about one of those evil creatures watching my every move whenever I’m at her apartment?  I don’t care that she says she’s wanted one for the last two years – my feelings are what’s important here.

Whether or not she gets this cat, this relationship is starting to take up too much of my time, and it might be time to send her a text and end things.