IB Major Leaves Concrete Jungle for Real One

While the constant pressure of a 9-5 rat race leaves many dreaming of a life off the grid, few find the courage to cut ties and take the plunge. One student, international business major John Maynard, chose to hit the brakes on the fast-paced world of Intro to Economics and find meaning in the undeveloped areas of campus.

“I’ve been taking a Film Studies class in the Humanities building,” says Maynard. “For three hours a week, I trade in the comfort of Darla Moore to experience this incredible environment. The people hear cuff their jeans and pierce their backpacks with ‘pins’. Plus, the music they listen to is so unique. Like, who is Lorde?”

It’s not an easy life, to be sure. As much money that UofSC has poured into its science and business classrooms, these fine arts majors have resisted all the progress invading their portion of campus. Business and STEM students can be overwhelmed by the dirty restrooms and lack of air conditioning. Still, more and more find themselves taking ‘classroom sabbaticals’.

“To be honest, I got overwhelmed by all the job prospects facing me,” Maynard adds. “It’s great to escape commercialism and experience a culture where making money just doesn’t matter.”

An interview with one anonymous French major revealed that the influx of ‘educational tourists’ does not sit well with some. “They keep asking me what it was like to disappoint my family, and what I want to do with my life. When I tell them I’m passionate about the language and that my parents approve, they look at me like I have a second head.”

At press time, Maynard was seen asking a classmate which business they were going to take over from their dad after college.