Heartbreaking: Freshman Fails First Midterm After Nobody Posts Study Guide Answers in GroupMe

UofSC freshman Jacob Waldowski was always a good kid. His parents described him as studious, well behaved, and kind. Over the summer, he spent lots of time playing basketball and Fortnite with his friends. However, when the time came for him to become a college student, his mother says it was like letting a dog off its chain.

“It was like letting a dog off its chain,” Susie Walwodski, Jacob’s mother said.

During Jacob’s first month at college, he became a different person. Now, he spends lots of time playing basketball and Fortnite with his friends, behavior that was previously unheard of. All of this came to a head when Jacob neglected to complete the study guide for his History 101 midterm. He failed the test. He says he’s never failed a test before.

“I failed the test. I’ve never failed a test before,” Jacob said.

His mother found his phone and looked at his GroupMe chats. He had texted his History 101 class at 11:46pm on the night before the exam asking for the answers to the study guide. In tears, his mother read the message aloud. “Aye yo, can someone clutch up and post the answers to the study guide? I was sick when he handed it out.”

His message got three likes. Nobody posted the answers to the study guide. We spoke to one of Jacob’s classmates who passed the exam about the tragedy.

The Third Spur reached out to History 101 Professor Gideon Washingtonson, who graciously provided us with a list of sample questions from the exam. The professor, who asked to remain anonymous said that much of the content from the exam was on the syllabus. “Much of the content from the exam was on the syllabus.”

“Yo I ain’t failed that shit but not gonna lie I was kinda hoping someone was finna post that shit because I was cutting it close man. I ain’t been paying attention in this bitch. Ion even know man Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence this shit kinda easy man. How he fail this shit? Have you ever listened to Yeat?”

Jacob’s mother was devastated, but says she hope’s he’ll learn from his mistakes. “I’m devastated, but I hope he’ll learn from his mistakes.”

Jacob has been grounded and is now only allowed one hour of Nintendo a day and no iPad after 8pm.