Help Wanted: Parent Chaperones for Non-Alcoholic Five Points Club

The University of South Carolina is seeking parent chaperones to create a friendly and safe experience for USC’s non-alcoholic club in Five Points. The chaperone’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Monitoring the doorway for unruly students, ensuring students stand “second tile, single file” in line
  • Breaking up large circles of students if they appear unsafe
  • Stopping excessive loud noise on the dance floor, and enforcing “inside voices”, flipping student’s card from green to yellow if they do not comply
  • Enforcing the dress code policy (no shorts above finger tip length, visible midriffs, lowcut shirts, bright neon colors, flip flops, beads, holes above the knee, see-through clothing, visible bra straps, sagging pants, bandanas, piercings other than the ears, or sleeveless tops)
  • Making sure students do not bring food or drinks onto the dance floor. If students forget, the chaperone is responsible for making sure the student finishes their Goldfish cup at the designated snack tables
  • Stopping “dirty” dancing (“grinding”, “twerking”, “soulja boy”, etc.), making sure students leave 1 yard of space in each direction between each other
  • Checking bathrooms for “funny business” (drug use, sexual activity, speaking ill of the Lord, etc.)
  • Patrolling the lot to make sure no student is “hangin’ around” unsupervised

Preferred Qualifications

  • Great with kids 🙂
  • Previous PTA experience or leadership position held
  • God-fearing parent with sense of discipline, who seeks purpose in being an overprotective adult
  • Capable of quickly overreacting and calling the police for the smallest provocation

Please contact the University of South Carolina Parent’s Association if you are interested in applying!