Carolina Productions Releases Spring 2016 Movie Lineup

Cinema-lovers rejoice- Carolina Productions has released its spring movie lineup for the Russell House Theater. We’ve included the whole list here, for easy viewing. Enjoy!

The Marshian: NASA organizes and executes a $120 million rescue plan after astronaut Mark Watney takes a wrong turn driving through Georgia and gets stuck in a swamp

The Grateful Eight: Quentin Tarantino casts Nicholas Cage, Keanu Reeves, and six other actors who are past their prime in an inspiring act of charity

Contusion: Dr. Bennet Omalu spends two hours in this feature film searching the internet trying to learn the difference between a concussion and a contusion

The Short Big: In this thrilling drama, a freshman in college discovers how she will live after rushing a sorority and being assigned a big sister who is significantly shorter than her

Ant Man: In this underfunded, unoriginal action film, Paul Rudd expertly plays a shitty, uninspiring superhero which leaves viewers saying “I can’t believe I spent $1.50 at Redbox for this”