Local Man Buys Present For Girlfriend Planning To Dump Him

In a report released today, sources say that area man Zachary Nguyen, 32, recently purchased a  necklace for 28 year-old Karen LeFort, the girlfriend planning to dump him one week from Tuesday.

The 18k golden piece of jewelry was intended to celebrate the couple’s third Christmas together. Nguyen believes the gift will come as a total surprise to LeFort, himself blissfully unprepared for his own impending loneliness.

“I think she’s going to love it,” said a smiling Nguyen, hours after the purchase, oblivious to the fact that his $2100 would have been better spent on a gym membership for himself when he re-enters the dating scene in just 7 days.

He added, “Emerald is her birthstone, so it’ll be extra-special.”

Those close to the situation are unsure what will become of the necklace once LeFort breaks the news over dinner at Chilli’s, but sources say the jewelry store is known to give partial refunds for returns.

At press time, Nguyen remains excited for his last few days of happiness.

“Don’t you just love the holidays?” he asked, warmly.