Tempting Fate: Cramming Student Sure That Quick Nap at 12:30 Won’t Hurt Grade

6 hours into a planned all-nighter study session the night before the exam, local student Klaye Dolenor is sure that taking a quick nap now won’t hurt his grade tomorrow morning.

“I’m getting pretty tired now, and a short rest might help me get back into the swing of things,” Dolenor thought to himself shortly before starting the action that will ensure his grade is a “C” at best. “I’ll set my alarm now so that I won’t sleep too long and miss out on any studying,” said the doomed student. 

The hopeless student reportedly needs a B+ grade or higher to pass the exam and thereby his Business Calculus course. “Yeah, if I fail this class, I’ll probably lose my scholarship and have to drop out,” said the future burger-flipper and failed SoundCloud rapper. “That’s why I’ve been studying so hard for this test!”

“I decided to take a nap so that I could prepare better,” Dolenor said, referring to the single decision that he made that will spiral his life into ruin and end in his untimely death less than a decade later due to severe health habits he is soon to acquire. “I just think that I could review more efficiently if I’m rested and refreshed!”

Other studying students in the surrounding private study rooms expressed their doubts that he would be able to pull this off, showing keen foresight beyond their years. “I’m not sure if it’ll actually help him study so much better,” a student expressed. Another student, with sage wisdom, asked “What if he oversleeps?” What if, wise student? What if.

At press time, Dolenor forgot to set his alarm before putting his head down on his desk, setting the wheels of time in motion.

Tick Tock, Mr. Dolenor. Tick Tock.