Trump “Inauguration Festival” Lands Middle School Choir

The lineup for Donald Trump’s “Inauguration Festival” was finally released Wednesday January 18th, and it has music fans everywhere dying to get a ticket.

Many popular bands were rumored to have made the list, such as Radiohead, U2, and The Rolling Stones. However, the new lineup touts some of music’s more eclectic and rarely seen performers. The headliner leaving critics awestruck is the George Washington Middle School 6th Grade Choir. Their recently released album “Holiday Recital 2016” received a ton of buzz in the Maryland middle school choir community. The record even received an astonishing 9.4 on the blog of one parent who attended the recital.

This is coupled with other lesser-known but still impressive acts such as “An Old Recording of a Donald Trump Rally” and “Ben Carson Playing the Recorder”

Festival enthusiast Kai Farless was impressed with the recent reports. “As crazy as a big name rock band would be to see, there is always another chance to catch them on a tour some other time you know? But this festival is the first one to book some newer artists like Ivanka Trump reading her slam poetry. I would love to be able to say I got to see the only time she performed this live.”

Despite the generated hype, tickets remain free and are available everywhere.