10 Fun Hurricane Activities for When You’re Stuck Inside

A hurricane is coming through. Classes are cancelled, and you’re stuck at home. Don’t panic, because we’ve got you covered. Here are some super fun things you can do when you’re stuck inside during this hurricane season.

1. Settle in with a good book

Finally, you’ve got some time to yourself. Now is the perfect time for you to settle down with a cup of tea and crack open your fifteen pound physics textbook. Your homework may not be due, but your professor assigned chapters four and five over the break, so get to reading!

2. Think about why Kyle dumped you last summer

With all this free time on your hands, you’ll have plenty of time to think about all the reasons Kyle left you at the end of last summer!

3. Play a board game

While they don’t typically make board games for one player, you’ll have a blast playing checkers all by yourself. A few games in, you won’t even realize how alone you are anymore!

4. Binge watch Netflix

Try the rom-com section. There are thousands and thousands of movies out there to remind you how desperate you are for love.

5. Think about texting Kyle

You’ve got, like, thousands of drafts in your notes section that you could send to him, but a simple “hey” would do. The torturous thought of sending him a message will keep you occupied for hours!

6. Stand outside

You’ll need some fresh air after being cooped up in your apartment all day. So head outside and let the rain and fifty mph winds blast the thought of Kyle out of your head.

7. Send Kyle a message on Snapchat instead

That way you’ll be able to tell if he’s ignoring you.

8. Realize you’ve made a mistake

“I miss you.” Really, Rachel? Now you sound desperate. Regardless, this one will keep you going for days.

9. Drive through the hurricane to get Kyle’s phone and delete the message before he reads it

You can’t tell him it was the wrong person. He’s never going to believe that. If you really want to undo your mistake, you’ve got to face this storm head on and get to Kyle’s phone before he can open your message. So call Chris, tell him to distract Kyle, and get moving.

10. Do nothing

If you had just laid in bed and stared up at the ceiling thinking about how alone you are, this never would have happened. Oh well, maybe next year.