Fact: Why I’m A Better Feminist Than Any Woman

For my whole life, I’ve been a feminist. The equality of men and women is something that is important to me because no one deserves to be treated differently based on something completely out of their control. That’s why I, Brad Williams, decided I needed to reach out to Third Spur to emphasize equality in the best way I know how: by writing a piece about how much better my ideas are for the feminist movement than the ideas of women. 

So many people like to talk to me about how great it is that I support women. I’ve given quite a few speeches in my Social Advocacy and Ethical Life class about why male allies are the overlooked heroes of the feminist movement, and my essay in the Daily Gamecock was met with critical acclaim. But I wanted to take this opportunity to pull back the curtain on what makes my advocacy so much better than everyone else’s.

For starters, my dad is a lawyer in Charleston, SC, and interning at his law firm taught me how bad women have it. It was eye-opening for me to see that feminism is about saying you’re a decent human being, so that Women and Gender Studies professors like what you have to say so you can get an A. After all, that Carolina Core requirement isn’t going to complete itself!

Point is, I get that it’s hard for women to navigate the world, so on behalf of men, I apologize for my entire gender (except for feminist men like myself) for not accepting your autonomy. I try to be better about that stuff; in fact, I’m so good at getting consent from women now that I don’t even have to ask anymore. I can just tell.

Being a male feminist means I have a unique perspective on gender issues that no other woman has. And that means I can keep providing fresh insight on the issues that, for some reason, a lot of women don’t really see as their primary concerns. Everyone’s personal brand of feminism is different, and mine acknowledges the unsung heroes of gender equality: men.